We are

Ardant Innovations, a Washington, D.C. area-based company, conceived by two determined entrepreneurs believing that government agencies and commercial companies will benefit from our “innovative” approach of delivering exceptional support and services.

Our name

Our approach is in the name “Ardant” that combines the words “Arduous” and “Vigilant.” The synonyms describe our commitment to hard work and persistence to innovative winning solutions. 

What we offer

We know that any government agency or private sector company will profit from a company with passion and a vision that aligns with the client’s needs.

Ardant Innovations offers an array of government services including Training and Development Solutions, Information Technology, and Consulting Services.

Our Mission 

The mission of Ardant Innovations is to establish growth, encourage new concepts and cultivate excellence in organizations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the sought-after company for services to the public and private sectors.

Ardant Innovations leadership includes the following partners:

Dale Allen, Ph.D

A co-founder of Ardant, Dale serves as the current President, crafting the strategic direction of the company. Dale’s leadership has guided Ardant Innovations to prominence as a premiere Information Technology and Training consulting firm throughout the Department of Defense, Department of State, Kaiser Permanente, and a host of other satisfied clients.

The company has built a complementary portfolio of services ranging from Training and Professional Development, to Enterprise Database Solutions and Support. He has successfully directed technology-based innovation projects and brings over thirty years of expertise.

He worked in upper management for Verizon with Network Creations and former Telecommunications Manager for Encore Marketing International where he worked for over ten years. As a leading technology visionary, he was responsible for catapulting the Telecommunications Department from a fledging status into a multi-million dollar advanced technological status.

He was recognized and awarded for outstanding meritorious contributions throughout his telecommunications and technology career spanning 20 years. Starting in the early 1980s, Dale has dedicated his time to fostering telecommunications technologies as a leading Senior Engineer with Rockwell International and currently President of Ardant Innovations, LLC. His speaking, participation and contributions to technology seminars, round tables, and conferences has proven invaluable.

Kim Sharps
Vice President

Also, co-founder of Ardant Innovations, Kim has served as an exceptional visionary in the current and future trajectory of Ardant. A career Educator and IT Professional, Kim brings vast managerial experience and business savvy to Ardant. His experience with the Department of State, Department of Defense, among other agencies plays a great role in the cohesive relationships maintained with clients.

He has successfully directed technology-based innovation projects and brings many years of expertise, business discipline and savvy, as honed working with high growth, innovative technology companies. With Kim’s involvement with federal projects utilizing vital method such as biometrics, Kim saw room for vast improvement.

Leading a team of LMS Administrators on various projects also sparked a flame to improve upon existing products and services, while developing new innovative products for clients. During this time, he developed a great deal of knowledge on mature operational processes and best practices that are being implemented at Ardant Innovations to enable our continued growth and success.

Kim has dedicated his time to enhancing modern technologies, and is currently serving as Vice-President of Ardant Innovations, LLC. His various professional speaking engagements, community involvement, conference events, and round tables deem him indispensable within the company.